Monday, June 1, 2009

The Outsiders

Can you spot the English here?

I had the chance to spend the afternoon at the park with a family visiting from the states. It turned out to be a really great ministry opportunity, and a fun way to meet people. Our group got to do some face painting in addition to making some pretty terrific balloon animals. I figured out how to make balloon swords for the kids, which they promptly used to pummel me savagely and without mercy. Perhaps I should have made them something a little less violent, like a balloon monkey, or a balloon UN peace treaty.

We were also able to meet some Ukrainian adults and pass out some Bibles. My Russian is below limited, but my friend Mike was able to share the gospel with a few of the people we talked to, and was even able to invite some of them to church. We met a man named Nazim from Moscow who spoke enough English to tell us that he was both a Christian and a Muslim. The language barrier was still a factor, but I believe that he understood when we told him about God's love, and that we would be praying for him.

We're going to be in the park for the next few days, getting to meet people as well as expanding my balloon making skill set. If you have the opportunity, please remember to pray for the people that our team will be able to talk to. We never know who we'll get to meet, or what sort of impact the things that we say will have. But God knows. And He is faithful.

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  1. You must not have seen what monkeys can do! You are in our prayers.