Monday, June 29, 2009

Island of the Honest Man

From the sunrise up above to the sunset below

I've been sitting at my computer trying to think of the best way to summarize my recent trip to Greece. Should I tell you about the really interesting sessions that I got to attend? No, that sounds kind of boring. Should I tell you about the lazy afternoons spent relaxing by the pool? No, that would probably just inflame your jealousy. Should I tell you about how I saved those 4 Greek kids from the burning building? No, that never actually happened. (It was 6 old ladies and a puppy.)

I guess you'll just have to hear about the best part of the trip: getting to see my friends from orientation. It was worth the trip just to be able to hear firsthand about the ministries that they've been able to take part in. and to catch up on their lives. It's a rare opportunity to be reunited with more than a dozen friends at the same time. And if that all happens at a Greek resort, well then that's just gravy. Here's the USA Today version of my week: a fantastic time of relaxation and fellowship. It was just about as good as I could have hoped for.

It was of course, more than a little bittersweet having to say goodbye again after only a week. They say us missionaries are in the goodbye business, and that goodbyes are just a part of the paradigm. This has proven to be quite true so far. My list of people that I really miss keeps getting longer and longer. I guess I'll just have to keep meeting new people here in Kiev. But that's kind of what I'm here for, right?

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  1. Andrew Still.... I miss you too man. It was so great to see you.

    I really need to get that burning building story straight! I keep forgetting those details!

    Just remember the power of love!!!