Saturday, July 4, 2009

In God's Country

We need new dreams tonight

So how do you celebrate the 4th of July in Ukraine? Well I can't really say what the rest of Ukraine was up to, but I can tell you what a group of Americans were doing. American things, that's what we were doing. Barbecuing, making ice cream, not using the metric system, lighting things on fire, why it was just like back in the states.

A group of our colleagues in the city got together at a park and grilled Шашлык (pronounced Shashlik...sound it out), which is essentially a Russian version of shish-kebab. There was also plenty of dessert, including hand-cranked ice cream to go around. And if you need an excuse to go out to the park, grill out, and toss around a football/baseball/frisbee, I suppose the 4th of July is as good of a reason as any. All that I need right now is some fireworks.

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